Rapenburg 65, 2311 GJ Leiden

Phone +31 (0) 71 - 751.01.30


Rapenburg 65, 2311 GJ Leiden

Phone +31 (0) 71 - 751.01.30



The deadline to submit applications for the academic year 2018-2019 is 1 April 2018. If you want to apply later, please contact us first. 

Requirements. To qualify for admission to the Program, applicants (full-time or part-time) should:

Hold a law degree that gives access to the legal professions in the country where the degree was obtained. Graduates from fields other than law (e.g. a graduate degree in economics or business administration) may also be admitted, provided their previous studies included a substantial legal component.

Demonstrate a sufficiently high performance in their previous studies, validated by marks on their University Degree/Transcript and the accompanying mark criteria, and letters of recommendation from current or previous professors and/or employers.

Demonstrate a keen interest in European Tax Law, illustrated by, among other things, a letter of motivation, past experience related to the subject (i.e., work, publications, conference papers).

Prove English language proficiency, validated through TOEFL tests (600 paper based/250 computer based or 100 Internet based) or IELTS test (level 7), complemented by a telephone interview where appropriate.

Admission to the Program is limited to a fixed number of students at a maximum of 40 students each year.

International Tax Center Leiden
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NOTE:  Meeting the admission requirements to our programs does not necessarily guarantee an admission offer. The applicants are selected based on their overall merits.

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