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Master of Advanced Studies in International Tax Law

From the 2019-2020 academic year on the Adv LLM Programs of ITC Leiden will be offered in cooperation with the Global School for Entrepreneurship, an officially recognized and accredited Business College that operates in The Netherlands and is affiliated with the German EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. With its new partners ITC Leiden will have windows of opportunity for further growth that were not available to it under the regime of Leiden University.

ITC Leiden will continue to offer its Adv LLM Program in International Tax Law in exactly the same way as in the past years: same curriculum, same teachers, same building and staff, and Prof. Kees van Raad as its director. The next edition the ITL Adv LLM Program will start on 1 September 2019. Currently, final arrangements are being made for the timely issuing of Dutch visas to students that have been admitted to the Program. 

Read the impression of Giusy Bochicchio (one of our alumnae)

The Master of Advanced studies in International Tax Law
has been designed to provide in depth training for lawyers and economists who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the theory and practice of international tax law. The Program is aimed at university graduates whose studies included at least one substantive tax course. Candidates will have recently graduated from law school (or obtained a master's degree in economics or business) or will expect to do so before the courses start. Alternatively, they may already have obtained a few years experience in tax practice after their graduation (with a law or accounting firm, or in a Ministry of Finance or Revenue Service) or in teaching or research at a graduate institution. 

• About the LLM (Adv) Program The one-year full-time program consists of ten months of courses (September through June) and two months of research and paper writing.

• Course Information The courses of the LLM (Adv) program are taught in two terms: the Fall term (Sept-Dec) and the Spring term (Jan-June). For the latest 2018-2019 annual course schedule please click here.
The Fall term courses comprise:
    • Fundamentals
    • Tax Treaties   
     Customs Duties & Excise Taxes
    • Basic Transfer Pricing 
    • Basic EU Tax Law

The Spring term courses comprise:
     • US Domestic Tax Law
     • Advanced EU Tax Law
     • International Estate and Trust Taxation
     • Advanced Transfer Pricing
     • Value-Added Tax Law
     • US International Tax Law
     • EU Fiscal State Aid
     • Corporate International Tax Planning

• Management Prof. dr. Kees van Raad is the Director of the Program. He is assisted by a Program Coordinator and by Teaching Assistants (TAs) who teach workshops and tutorials throughout the Fall semester and occasionally during the Spring semester.

• Faculty The courses in the Program are taught by teachers of Leiden University’s Faculty of Law (including Professor van Raad), visiting professors from the Netherlands and abroad and distinguished legal practitioners.

• Tuition Fees The tuition fee for the full program is EUR 20,000 (2019-2020). For the individual courses the fees vary with length of the course.

• Practical Information Visas, residence permits, etc..

• Application The deadline to submit applications for the academic year 2019-2020 for non-EU citizens is 15 May 2019; the deadline for EU citizens is 15 June 2019. 

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