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2017 ITC Leiden Latin America Executive Program in International Tax Law

Based on the success of the 2016 edition of the ITC Leiden Latin America Executive Program in International Tax Law (`ITC LA Exec ITL Program´) organized by the International Tax Center (‘ITC Leiden’) in the beginning of 2016, ITC Leiden has decided to launch a Second Edition of this three-week program, which will be offered from 16 January through 3 February 2017 in Panama City.
–  16-20 January 2017:  Tax Treaties
–  23-27 January 2017:  Advanced subjects
–  30 January - 3 February 2017:  Transfer Pricing

The Program comprises of the following courses (some of the lectures are in English, other lectures in Spanish) which are taught by teachers of the ITC Leiden (including Prof. dr. Kees van Raad):

Week 1 (Tax Treaties)  – 16-20 January 2017
                        o Key concepts of international tax law
                        o Introduction to tax treaties and treaty residence
                        o Business profits taxation under tax treaties
                        o Dividends, interests & royalties and immovable property income & capital gains under tax treaties
                        o Income from employment, pensions, etc. under tax treaties

Week 2 (Advanced  subjects)  – 23-27 January 2017
                        o Five fundamental rules on tax treaty application & triangular cases  (1 day)
                        o Advanced international tax cases (2 days)
                        o International tax planning (2 days)

Week 3 (Transfer Pricing)  –  30 January – 3 February 2017
                        o OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines (5 days)

For a detailed overview of the Program click here. 

Those who attend at least 80% of the class hours will be issued by ITC Leiden a Certificate of Attendance. 

The Program takes place in Panama City at the City of Knowledge (‘Ciudad del Saber’). For more information about the City of Knowledge, click here.

Class hours
Classes and workshops are held from 9.00 – 12.00 h and 13.00 -16.00 h Monday through Friday.  The late afternoons and evenings are to be used by the students for reviewing that day’s class and preparing the next day’s class.   

Some classes will be taught in English (by Prof. Kees van Raad and other foreign teachers) while others are taught in Spanish (mostly by Latin American alumni of the ITC Leiden). Program participants who have difficulties understanding lectures in English may subscribe to the simultaneous translation service that will be rendered in Spanish. This service will be provided at an additional cost of US$ 50/week. 

Tuition fee & discounts 
The tuition fee for the three-week program: US$ 2,400  (fee does not include accommodation & meals)

The tuition fee amounts for the individual weeks are:
•   Week 1 (Tax treaties)            US$ 1,000  
•   Week 2 (Advanced subjects)  US$ 1,000 
•   Week 3 (Transfer pricing)     US$ 1,000

The tuition fee for the first two weeks includes one reder for each week and the following two books: 
•   Arnold, International Tax Primer (KLI, 2016; 230 pp) 
•   Van Raad (ed.), Vol. A (International Tax Law) of: Materials on International, TP & EU Tax Law 2016-2017, (ITC Leiden). 

Participants registering for the third week receive the reader for that week plus: 
•   Van Raad (ed.), Vol. A (International Tax Law) of: Materials on International, TP & EU Tax Law 2016-2017, (ITC Leiden). 

•   Two-week discount: Persons registering for any two weeks receive a 10% discount.
•   Early bird discount: An (additional) 10% discount is available for those whose tuition fees are received before 21 November 2016.
•   Group registration: Groups of three or more persons who make a joint single payment of the overall amount due: an (additional) 10% discount.

Please note: The discounts are only applicable to tuition fees and do not apply to charges relating to accommodation or translation services.

Cancellation policy
•   Cancellation more than one month before the beginning of the Program: full refund minus cancellation fee of US$ 250.
•   Cancellation within one month: no refund but the person registered may be substituted. 

At the campus of the City of Knowledge, dormitory rooms are available for the Program participants. The cost per (single) room is US$66/night. Groups of two or three people may share a room at a cost of US$ 35.75/person/night (double) and US$ 25.66/person/night (triple), respectively; reservation details can be found in the Registration Form. Note that confirmation of the reservation will be subject to the availability of rooms at the time each participant requests a reservation and that, as indicated in the Registration Form, ITC Leiden acts merely as an intermediary and each participant is responsible for timely settling the payment of her/his reservation with the City of Knowledge. It is also possible to stay at the Holiday Inn Panama Canal (700 meters/10 minute walk from the campus of the City of Knowledge). For further information click here.   

The deadline for registration is 6 January 2017.   Subject to availability, registration for the program may still be possible after 6 January 2017.  For those that want to register after 6 January, please contact immediately Robert Leentvaar at accounting@itc-leiden.nl.  Late registrants may be required to cover any additional costs incurred in connection with the printing and shipping of course materials.

Further information

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